S L U M B E R S​

The ​Earth Dwellers' Manifesto

We are the Earth Dwellers. We have rejected the current model of contemporary Western civilization; that is, the toxic, mainstream mindset of dependence to both technology and the trappings of a technologically-based society. This dependence centers largely on mass-produced, manufactured goods and services which hinge on a consumer culture, thereby hampering the natural creative initiative in modern man, and increasingly relying on machines to do tasks which humans once did. The pay-off is a large-scale capitalistic takeover of any and all industries, leading to the inevitable need for unfair labor practices (i.e. sweatshops, weak workers’ rights laws). A select few corporations control the consumer market, and their sole end is profit. The “profit before people” mentality has wreaked havoc on our natural resources, and lead to both individuals and industries at large viewing the Earth as merely something to take advantage of, no matter the cost. Dangerous production methods and the increased toll they take on our Earth have made natural disasters commonplace (i.e. floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, the gradual melting of the poles), and it is entirely possible that unless extreme, immediate measures are taken, we are going to enter a sort of environmental apocalypse which will have catastrophic and far-reaching consequences on both ourselves and the planet. The geological concept of our Earth as “hot, flat and crowded” has never rang more true. 

This is not to say that the Industrial Age has left us nothing of value. We must be thankful for the revolutionary progress made in fields such as science and medicine, and the strides made to discover cures and vaccines for previously fatal diseases, which have improved both longevity and quality of life. Having said that, we have found all other so-called industrial “accomplishments” to be excess, and not actually of any real help when it comes to the core needs of mankind. We therefore advocate a return to the natural world and to our roots in a proto-agrarian lifestyle, wherein we are connected to the Earth and rely on her for sustenance. We seek to find ways to give back to our Earth, in a way that is mutually beneficial, and also in service to our fellow creatures with whom we share the land. In this way, we believe in a relationship with the Earth that is interdependent – we live off the land, trusting fully in what it can provide for us, honoring and respecting what we are given, and giving in return what we are able. We are not interested in an existence spent in a perpetual struggle for material wealth, and what we can gain for ourselves alone. We have sworn off this “traditional” lifestyle, anchored in selfish values, which depends on manmade industries and technology as opposed to reliance on oneself and Nature. Such materialistic competition is also not conducive to a natural social order and cooperation amongst communities of people, which in the past was so crucial to survival of said communities. We instead choose to live in a way that connects us to the Earth and to each other, pledging ourselves in service to an alternative existence which is Nature-centric, not self-centric. We call ourselves the “Earth Dwellers,” realizing that we must label ourselves before being assigned a label by others who seek to hinder our cause. We seek unity among our Earth’s natural order, and a global renewing of hearts and minds.​​