S L U M B E R S​

Beyond the idealistic musings contained in the pages of this website are real people living real lives in the trenches of this contemporary "civilization." We would not have created this kind of outlet if there were not a dire need for it, if only to lend a momentary reprieve from the dominant culture that so alienates us.

A B O U T   U S

Thank you for visiting us.

In summary: we are vested in maintaining an ongoing sanctuary and open forum primarily for those disaffected by our cultural climate, particularly artists. If this sounds like you, we invite you to reach out.​

Visitors are encouraged to read the Earth Dweller's Manifesto first, to get a sense of what this website is about.​ ​

​I will be making the site more user-friendly, and hopefully add more features and content in the future, including an online store. Collaborations with artists, writers, and thinkers are in the works. We are very much under construction here, and your input is valued.​ 

It is our eventual hope that this online space culminates in the creation of an intentional community in the Chesapeake Bay area. The author(s) of this website noticed a marked lack of these kinds of living arrangements in the Delmarva area, or if they do exist, they are bound by strict regulations and are frankly out of reach for most would-be residents. The resources are scarce at the moment, but we are slowly awakening around the world as a collective shift takes place. We are coming back to a way of life that has been long lost for centuries, which we are now discovering anew.