S L U M B E R S​
"So, what's going on here?": A Preface

(updated 9/2016)

If you have been following this website from its infancy nearly two years ago, or only just recently, you might be wondering what direction we are headed in, and the fact is, we aren't too sure ourselves. Throughout the course of numerous discussions over what has turned into a few years with kindred spirits, and informed by new experiences in many settings, the creator(s) of the website have become convinced that both a physical, as well as online, community is sorely needed to serve creative, environmental and philosophic interests on a consistent level. This collective will be facilitated by those of all sorts, unified by a shared commitment towards Earth values and changing the current discourse.

That commitment is certainly not an easy one to make. The journey from disillusionment with corporate infrastructures, the military-industrial complex, and the havoc wreaked by a select few on "the rest of us" in this laissez-faire capitalistic madhouse has led many to contemplate what can possibly be done to remedy this situation. Along the way, we've encountered "environmentalists" who ultimately seemed to be concerned with the mere idea of environmentalism. The fact that so many are attracted to careers in the nonprofit sector, and to working for environmental organizations (for a fat paycheck, mind you), serves to tangibly demonstrate the privatization of what it means to be an environmental activist, and is yet another manifestation of the commodification of the Earth. Those organizations who fly their employees out to meetings in private jets while cultivating an external veneer of appreciation towards Nature are among many examples of the clueless, enterprising hypocrisy that dominates every sector of modern society. Many of these organizations have the gall to request financial support from those in survival mode, who are ill-equipped to support themselves, much less to line the coffers of those "noble activists" and fund governmental lobby groups. Indeed, most of us are helpless victims of a system in collapse, totally incompatible with the natural order of our planet! "What's going on here," indeed!

We have clearly been awakening over the past few years, since our economic collapse in '08 (though admittedly the alarm bells were sounding way before that), to the realities of the postmodern world, to the inability of many to find a way out of the hunting ground we've been forcibly thrown into. The bad news kept coming: having been lied to by the major corporations, we were cajoled into consuming toxic products such as genetically-modified food, prescription medications, and personal care products laden with cancer-causing agents, with precious few alternatives. We even resigned ourselves to the air we breathed not being fit to sustain us. Some took it upon themselves to do what they could, growing their own produce and buying only organic goods, living in low-pollution areas and embracing permaculture. Although it is quite possible to eliminate the many sources of respective disease and disorder in our lives that are caused by such unnatural substances, the fact of the matter is that we are still living in an oppressive society that is unilaterally against life itself. Western medicine, psychiatry, and the drug companies therein have left us mentally drained (no wonder -- we're facing "informational overload"!) as well as energetically stultified on the psychic level. At every turn, our relationship with our natural surroundings is significantly diminished... we can hardly function. In no way is our modern world symbiotic with other organisms.

Organically cultivated herbs and plants that truly heal from the inside, instead of merely masking symptoms, have (of course) been criminalized. The human condition has now been marked as "for profit." To add insult to injury, those of an artistic bent have been systematically marginalized and forced into extreme poverty in most of the modern industrial world. Whereas those perceived as gifted in the arts and humanities would have formerly been admitted into monasteries, nurtured by mentors or other gurus, and had their most basic physical needs satisfied so as to concentrate on their life calling, nowadays we aren't nearly as fortunate. Appreciation for fields such as poetry and the written word, metaphysics, philosophy, and the visual and performing arts is at an all-time low. These fields are seen as having little function in today's world, placed on a shelf labelled "obsolete"; we are made to feel like antiquated relics who've not kept up with the technological and scientific strides of the present age, and even given mental health diagnoses! The whims of an elite few define the media, even that which is considered "art."

And yet despite these grievances, we are not striving to be at odds with the world... we just mourn what's left of it. In the sardonically prescient words of Richard Brautigan:

"I like to think (it has to be!) of a cybernetic ecology / where we are free of our labors / and joined back to nature / returned to our mammal brothers and sisters / and all watched over by machines of loving grace."

Nothing we have said here is "new." We stand in the shadow of the Transcendentalists, the movers and shakers who cut the path before us long ago. Perhaps it is appropriate that only now, when we have found ourselves in a global cataclysm of mammoth proportions, we are attempting a new verse, inscribed inside the filaments of a fruiting bud yet unseen, on the cusp of something magical... Do we dare to dream?

(c) Lynx